Alcoil - Aluminum Heat Exchangers  
Alcoil - Aluminum Heat Exchangers

HVAC/R Coils are our business. Alcoil is a leading manufacturer of all-aluminum Micro-Channel heat exchangers for the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Heating, and Industrial Process industries. We specialize in airside condensers, evaporators, heating/cooling coils, oil coolers, and process applications. With application experience and excellence in customer service, Alcoil supports a wide range of OEM applications.


Alcoil employs the latest innovation and product designs in the industry. Our Advanced Micro-Channel Technology™ provides higher performance, smaller size, features and capabilities not found in traditional fin/tube heat exchangers. This gives Alcoil product users new, unique design options and a competitive advantages.

Proven Reliability
Our airside coils are more robust than components used in the automotive and truck industry. With these major improvements, combined with years of field experience, Alcoil product performance and reliability is second to none.

Innovation at its Best
Innovation for the HVAC/R and industrial process industries is Alcoil’s mission – to support our customers with the best and most cost effective technology. This means, from product design to customer service, we aim to be your best supplier – period.

From all of us at Alcoil, we invite you to look closely at our all-aluminum, brazed heat exchangers and see why the HVAC/R industry is rapidly changing to this technology.


Why Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers?
The HVAC/R and industrial process industries are switching to brazed aluminum heat exchangers. This is evidenced by the wide use of Micro-Channel condensers from ½ ton to 200 ton systems by major HVAC/R manufacturers and many OEMs using Alcoil.

Driven by high cost of copper, energy efficiency improvements, customer requirements, and smaller equipment packages, consider Alcoil advantages:
1. Higher Efficiency & Performance
  Up to 40% higher efficiency, compared to old style fin/tube designs. Advanced Micro-Channel technology, combines integrally brazed airside fins to achieve higher heat transfer rates, closer approach temperatures and lower airside pressure drops.
2. Smaller Size
  Up to 30% smaller coil face depending upon the design conditions. And almost always, Alcoil heat exchangers are thinner and take up less space.
3. Less Weight
  Up to 50% less weight. This reduces shipping costs, minimizes equipment structural support, and reduces labor to install.
4. Less Refrigerant Charge
  Typically 40% to 60% less refrigerant charge required.
5. Lower Cost
  All aluminum, high performance, and less weight - translates to 5% to 30% lower cost, depending upon design conditions.